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Since the 1970s, Roni Horn has been intimately involved with the distinctive geography, geology, culture and climate of Iceland. She talks with James Lingwood and Michael Morris about her longstanding relationship with the island and how her project with Artangel, the installation ‘Vatnasafn/Library of Water’, was realised in a former library building in the coastal town of Stykkishólmur. Housing a collection of glacial water collected across Iceland and weather reports from people in the local community, the Library of Water is emblematic of Horn’s ongoing exploration, in her writing, drawings and sculpture, of weather, water and the shifting nature of identity.

HERE IS WHERE WE MEET is a sequence of conversations conducted by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, co-directors of Artangel from 1991 until 2023.

The theme music for the series is written and performed by PJ Harvey.

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HERE IS WHERE WE MEET: Jonathan Glazer

In 1518, an unusual plague engulfed the city of Strasbourg. Scores of people were “infected”, compelled to dance for weeks on end, beyond exhaustion and sometimes to their deaths. 502 years later, as the Covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe, in rapid response filmmaker Jonathan Glazer made 'Strasbourg 1518' with Artangel. A vision of confinement, liberation and constraint, featuring some of the world’s leading dancers, moving to a new score by Mica Levi and shot entirely on iPhone. The film’s technical daring marked a continuation of Glazer’s radical experiments in film form, which he discusses here with Michael Morris and James Lingwood.

HERE IS WHERE WE MEET is a sequence of conversations conducted by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, co-directors of Artangel from 1991 until 2023.

The theme music for the series is written and performed by PJ Harvey.

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Cécile B. Evans on memory and translation

“Oftentimes a memory knows that the body cannot handle it, so it protects you and breaks itself into these fragments, and redistributes itself...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Belgian-American artist Cécile B. Evans discusses her recent collaboration with Miu Miu for their FW24 show, a film exploring the ramifications of a digital storage crisis. Starring Guslagie Malanda, the film continues Evans' inquiry into how emotion interrelates with ideological and societal structures. She discusses memory, nonbinary identity and the practicalities of creating for a fashion show. 

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Hazel Healy on greenwashing

“What we see at DeSmog is people using a playbook, and that's the same as the tobacco industry and the fossil fuel industry before them...”

Hazel Healy, environmental journalist and UK editor of DeSmog, a platform investigating climate change misinformation, speaks to TANK on the spin tactics used by the agricultural industry. Speaking at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Healy dishes the dirt on how major agricultural corporations obscure the environmental impact of their practices. 

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We read de Beauvoir's “The Second Sex” so you don't have to

“Love is impossible as long as it is attached to physical, emotional and economic safety...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Caroline Issa decodes Simone de Beauvoir's classic of feminist philosophy, The Second Sex. Assessing anthropology, history and biology, de Beauvoir illustrates the mechanisms of female oppression over two millennia. 

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You gotta keep your head straight about clothes

“What Not to Wear presented the bleak truth of fashion as something eternally wedged as somewhere between self-hate and self-worship...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Dal Chodha reads from 'You gotta keep your head straight about clothes', a consideration of 'Cheap Chic', one of the first consumer guides to thrift shopping. Written in the 1970s, the acerbic advice given in the guide sees contemporary manifestations in the camp absurdity of 'What Not to Wear'.

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Dream baby dream

“It's possible to be a feminist and a Freudian...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Holly Stevenson and Rosie Gibbens discuss Hans Richter's seminal surrealist masterpiece Dreams that Money Can Buy, a dreamy and deeply strange dadaist romp directed by some of the luminaries of the 1940s avant garde.

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We read “Orientalism” so you don't have to

“The East, in need of 'civilising', became a fertile ground for colonial ventures...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Caroline Issa assesses Edward Said's enduring 1978 book Orientalism, a treatise into the imperialist attitudes underpinning Western conceptions of the East.

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We're on the road to nowhere

“I lost my virginity to Hastings beach...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, director Andrew Kotting and flaneur John Rogers discuss Kotting's foundational film 'Gallivant', a psychogeographic romp across this strange island we call home. Made on a shoestring budget, 'Gallivant' follows Kotting, his grandmother Gladys and his disabled daughter Eden on a unique road trip across the coasts of Britain, meeting farmers, fishermen and folklore along the way.

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Faisal Devji on the long arc of Palestinian history

“International law has become the exception rather than the rule in defining the actions of states today...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Faisal Devji discusses the new geopolitical paradigm emerging in the wake of the Gaza conflict. This podcast was recorded in November 2023.

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Benjamin Bratton reads “Not Right Now”

“Critical art is not the adversary of art financialisation; it is its essential alibi. The more radical the art, the better the alibi. Win-win.”

In this week's TANK podcast, Benjamin Bratton reads from his article “Not Right Now”, a critique on the art-making paradigm of subjectivity-as-format and the bloated art speak he christens “International Art English”.

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Jan-Peter Westad reads from “Above the Clouds of Endagin”

“I am filled with a deep sense of well-being as I watch a hillside stone tumble down the slope and think of the other people or small animals who have watched the same stones over incalculable seasons.”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Jan-Peter Westad reads “Above the Clouds of Endagin”, taken from the Winter 2023 issue of TANK. In the piece, Westad pays a visit to the Kulm hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland, high in the Alps and where Friedrich Nietzsche arrived at his theory of eternal recurrence.

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Hester van Hensbergen on the magic of mustard

“These are the ways I like mustard: scraped onto bread to save a boring sandwich; slapped onto salt beef; a scoop on the side of my plate, to be swiped at with a sausage; as the basis for a hearty, wine-filled sauce.”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Hester van Hensbergen reads from her piece “Spice up your life”, a paean to the joys of mustard and its storied history in the city of Dijon.

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A.K. Blakemore reads from “The Glutton”

“Oh well, he thinks, at least I drank and laughed. Oh well, he thinks, at least I did a little bit of fucking, and it was good.”

In this week's TANK podcast, A.K. Blakemore reads from “The Glutton”, her vivid, disquieting depiction of Tarrare, a French peasant famed for his insatiable hunger.

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Giovanni Fassina on knowing your rights

“People should not be deterred or afraid, because their rights are heavily protected by legislation...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Giovanni Fassina, executive director of the European Legal Support Centre, discusses how to ensure your rights are being protected while protesting.

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We read Veblen's The Theory of the Leisure Class so you don't have to

“As far as wealth is inextricable with social organisation, it will infuse the individual on the very essential level on his sense of self...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Caroline Issa reads and decodes Thorstein Veblen's The Theory of the Leisure Class, a treatise on consumerism and the emergent concept of conspicuous consumption.

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Bhanu Kapil on archives and past lives

“I'm interested in a form of something almost like exhaustion...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Stephanie Sy-Quia speaks to poet Bhanu Kapil on the siren call of the archive and the rituals that inform writing.

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A girl's best friend

“It's about talent, first and foremost...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President of Cartier discusses the jewellery maison's proud heritage and recent artistic collaborations.

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Eva Jospin on cardboard and creativity

“You have a sense of vibration when you use cardboard...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, artist Eva Jospin discusses her collaboration with the champagne house Ruinart as part of their Carte Blanche program, a series of artworks and immersive environments made entirely out of cardboard.

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Kathryn Scanlan reads from “Kick the Latch”

“Before her husband died and her house burned down, Bicycle Jenny worked at Crocker's, the slaughtering plant...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, Kathryn Scanlan reads from her haunting and vivid novel Kick the Latch, based on a series of interviews with Sonia, a horse trainer from Iowa.

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Anahid Nersessian reads from “Keats' Odes: A Lover's Discourse”

“I wanted my melancholy atypical, non-conformist, kinky...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Anaheed Nersessian reads from her book Keats's Odes: A Lover's Discourse, both an exhaustive work of literary criticism and a love letter to the Romantic Poet.

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Nicole Flattery reads from “Nothing Special”

“I couldn't believe she'd been that ill-tempered, so steadfast in her refusal to please people. Maybe I loved her after all...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Nicole Flattery reads from Nothing Special, her coming-of-age novel set in 1960s New York.

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Mohsen Mostafavi on “Sharing Tokyo”

“The country is becoming a site of extremes...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Mohsen Mostafavi discusses his new book Sharing Tokyo, an erudite collection of essays on Tokyo as a shared architectural space.

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Composing yourself with Justin Hurwitz

“I found myself humming an Olivia Rodrigo song...”

Oscar-winning composer Justin Hurwitz discusses his nearly two-decade career composing alongside director Damien Chazelle. This interview was hosted at the 2023 Venice Film Festival, in collaboration with Cartier.

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Micha Frazer-Carroll's Mad World

“People were admitted to asylums for politics, novel reading, hatred of spouse...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Micha Frazer-Carroll discusses her new book Mad World, published by Pluto Press. Mad World investigates the ways in which mental health goes beyond the personal, connected – sometimes obliquely – to systems of medicine, culture and capitalism. This talk was taken from a talk hosted by Pluto at the TANK Reading Rooms.

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Faisal Devji on Palestine

“The alignment of political actors has changed to a degree that it is now no longer possible to continue the liberal mode of Palestinian politics...”

In this week's TANK Podcast, recorded the day after Hamas launched their attack on Israel, Faisal Devji discusses the Palestine question in conjunction with wider geopolitical transformations.

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L'Rain on her new album “I Killed Your Dog”

“I wanted the title to make people feel something, and I wanted it to feel bad...”

Bratty, bright and magisterial, the new album by L'Rain (real name: Taja Cheek) I Killed Your Dog is a bold next step for the New York-based artist. With a faintly diabolical undertone that is perfectly attuned to our insurgent apocalypse, L'Rain continues to refine her artful blend of ambient, R&B and psychedelia, whilst introducing new shades of crunchy rock and wistful folk music. In this week's TANK Podcast, Matteo Pini spoke to L'Rain about early synthesisers, running out of time and the canicide of the album's title.

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Smart cookie

"Intelligences tend to have very narrow applications."

In this week's TANK podcast, AI researcher Ali Eslami speaks to Caroline Issa on the potentials and pitfalls of AI and the brave new world it will usher in.

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Sophia Giovannitti on selling sex and art

“I wish to give freely or to sell...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Sophia Giovannitti reads from her book Working Girl, a frank account of her own experiences with sex work and the art marketplace. In the passage, she uses Marina Abramović's work as a jumping-off point for a wider consideration of bodily autonomy in the gig economy era.

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Faisal Devji on submersibles

“How are we to understand the similarity of aspiration which characterises both the refugees and the billionaires who were on the submersible?”

Welcome to the TANK podcast. In this week's episode, Oxford professor Faisal Devji reflects on the media reaction to two recent maritime accidents, and it tells us about Western perspectives on class, ethnicity and aspiration.

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Faisal Devji on the India-America question

“The Chinese don't really need or want incursion on Indian territory...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Oxford professor Faisal Devji discusses Indian-American relations in the wake of Modi and Biden's recent meeting, and the impact it will have on Chinese diplomacy.

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Keeping Tabs

“Aestheticisation is a bid for the virtual to feel actual...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Matteo Pini reads an excerpt from his piece on BookTok, featured in the Summer Reader. The trend towards decorating books is nothing new, but on BookTok, readers take aestheticisation to a curious new level. 

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Gboyega Odubanjo reads from “Adam”

In this week's TANK podcast, Gboyega Odubanjo reads three poems from his forthcoming poetry collection Adam, which considers civic identity, gentrification and diasporic masculinities.

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Gaia Today

“The only way discontinuity happens is through the birth of an ego.”

In this week's TANK podcast, Gary Zhexi Zhang, Sougwen Chung and Asad Raza discuss the legacy of Gaia theory, synthetic intelligence and how technology inevitably decentres the human. This conversation was held at the As Above, So Below event hosted by Ignota Books at the Science Gallery, of which TANK was an official media partner. 

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The Story of Gaia

“The whole of the living world is embedded in fluid networks of some kind of communication...”

In this week's TANK podcast, Gaia Vince, Edna Bonhomme, Daisy Hildyard and Merlin Sheldrake discuss the ways in which Gaia theory has influenced their respective practices. This conversation was held at the As Above, So Below event hosted by Ignota Books at the Science Gallery.

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Hired help

“The logic of the top-down bureaucratic structure that characterizes nation states is breaking down...”

In this week's TANK podcast, in the wake of the Wagner Group rebellion, Faisal Devji considers the increasing use of contractors and mercenaries within global conflict.

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Grass roots

“If you're not having a nervous breakdown on this planet at the moment, you're mad...”

In this episode of the TANK podcast, Mark Rylance discussed his transatlantic upbringing, Jeremy Corbyn and his new role in Inland, a micro-budget debut feature directed by Fridtjof Ryder, who was only 20 at the time of production.

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Left, right and centre

“The solution to our predicaments isn't finally finding the one perfect and truthful news source but realising that such a source is inside us all."

In this week's TANK podcast, Caroline Issa reads from the editor's letter of the 2023 Summer Reader, on the Iranian revolution, AI and why the centre is no longer holding.

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Fridtjof Ryder heads inland

“... the forest becomes an entity and an organism that is partly the mother, partly something else ...”

Fridtjof Ryder is the director of Inland, which recently saw a nationwide release. A bewitching fairy tale set in Ryder's homeland of Gloucester, the film was shot when the director was only 20. TANK assistant editor Nell Whittaker recently sat down with Ryder to discuss changeling myths and the limitations of English folklore.

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Gary Younge on representation

"They don't like it that you, not just as a Black person, but a Black person with a certain kind of politics, occupies a certain kind of space. And the moment you get the adjective wrong then they're on you."

In this episode of the TANK podcast, Masoud Golsorkhi talks to Gary Younge about his new book Dispatches from the Diaspora, a collection of essays from Younge's 30-year career as a journalist and broadcaster.

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