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This spring, TANK presents a brand new podcast series. HERE IS WHERE WE MEET is a sequence of conversations conducted by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, co-directors of trailblazing arts organisation Artangel from 1991 until 2023.


Since the early 1990s, the British contemporary art scene has been punctuated by a series of dramatic site-specific installations that took art out of the gallery and into the fabric of society. Think Rachel Whiteread concrete-casting a home in Bow for House (1993-1994), Michael Landy destroying all of his possessions in an abandoned department store near Marble Arch for his work Break Down (2001), or Roger Hiorns’ transformation of a council house in Southwark into a luminescent cave of copper sulphate crystals for Seizure (2011). You might also have heard of John Berger and Simon McBurney’s theatre performance in a redundant Underground station (1999) or Michael Clark dancing for nine nights in an abandoned sugar depot in 1992.

What all of these projects have in common is their complete reinvention of the norms around the physical limitations of art – and that they were produced under the stewardship of Artangel, the arts organisation that has become synonymous with site-specific art in the UK, and which was helmed for three decades by one of the most influential creative partnerships in the art world: James Lingwood and Michael Morris.

Behind the images we know so well are the stories of their collaboration and, above all, of the delicate art of producing, which Morris and Lingwood conducted so remarkably. 

In this series, Lingwood and Morris speak to some of the most groundbreaking artists at work today, across visual art, cinema, installation, music and performance. 

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1. Michael Morris And James Lingwood By Tom Oldham © Tom Oldham (1)

Taking its name from the book by the late, great John Berger – an important collaborator and interlocutor of Morris and Lingwood – HERE IS WHERE WE MEET is, at its core, a celebration of the art of producing by two of the most respected practitioners in the art world. 

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