Perchance to dream

In Venice, Golden Goose launch a new curation platform

"The time has come,” the walrus said “to talk of many things: / Of shoes—and ships, and sealing-wax”, declares Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In Venice, that most fantastical and toy town-like of Italian cities, Carroll’s augury materialised at the launch of Haus of Dreamers, a multidisciplinary curation platform from Italian footwear brand Golden Goose. Hosted in a labyrinthine building in Marghera, the site of founder Alessandro Gallo’s original office, the Haus has been established to nurture creative talent – dreamers, to use the brand’s terminology. This being Venice, Haus of Dreamers featured plenty of ships, a fair bit of sealing wax (shoes don’t glue themselves), and a spectacular array of shoes. Walrus not included.


The event got off to a blazing start with Fabio Viale’s sculpture, a rendering of the iconic Venetian briccole, the three-pronged wooden structures that dot the city’s canals and are used as navigation aids by by sailors. Carved from Carrara marble, Viale’s sculpture received multiple applications with a blowtorch before being doused in kerosene and set alight, turning the brilliant marble an urgent shade of grey. The performance served double duty: a nod to the brand’s pre-distressed aesthetic and a distinctly Venetian statement of intent from a brand celebrating their homecoming.


It was the first of multiple artistic interventions. Following a pit stop in the Manovia, Golden Goose’s sneaker customisation studio, a trip to the Academy saw artist Maïa Régis creating colourful silkscreen prints in real time, a nod to Marghera’s industrial history. Emphasising the connection between art, craft and shoemaking, the Academy was used for creative workshops during Haus week, and will see continued educational use over the coming years. Elsewhere, R&B up-and-comer Mia Lailani performed a selection of polymorphic tracks, and Andrés Reisinger revealed an enormous, custom-made drapery in the dining hall, pigmented with Reisinger's trademark ballet slipper-pink. 

Although Haus of Dreamers has an explicitly Venetian focus, intending to empower creatives from the surrounding areas, the global reach of the event’s featured artists – Italian, French, Puerto Rican and Argentinian respectively – is appropriate for a brand who now boast 149 stores across the world. The promise of Haus of Dreamers is as much an invitation as it is a celebration, encouraging creatives worldwide to grow together. To return to Carroll’s immortal words, “Lingering in the golden gleam- / Life, what is it but a dream?” ◉

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