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Snap decision

Dior Beauty presents the young talent award | 3 min

In Arles, Dior Beauty presents its seventh edition of the Photography and Visual Art Award for Young Talents. TANK zoomed into the French city to speak to Brigitte Lacombe, photographer and president of the selection jury, and to cast a spotlight on the work of the thirteen young photographers in the running. 

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Here is Where We Meet

A new podcast series by TANK | 2 min

Hosted by James Lingwood and Michael Morris, TANK’s brand-new podcast features a series of eleven illuminating conversations with artists including Jeremy Deller, Laurie Anderson, Jonathan Glazer and Rachel Whiteread. Michael and James were the co-directors of Artangel between 1991-2023, and oversaw the production of some of the most spectacular and influential public art anywhere in the world. Click through to read more.

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Books We Read So You Don't Have To

Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir | 11 min

Caroline Issa reads Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, a groundbreaking work that fundamentally transformed discussions around feminism and gender. Beauvoir famously declares that “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,” a statement that underscores her argument that femininity is not an innate quality, but a social construct. Through a meticulous examination of history, biology, psychoanalysis and anecdote, Beauvoir illustrates the mechanisms of women’s oppression and articulates a demand for liberation that has been taken up by successive generations. 

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Andrea Moreno for 19M Galerie Marseille

| 0 min

TANK speaks to artist Andrea Moreno, whose 2024 piece Tita took centre stage in the 19M Galerie Marseille pop-up launched on the occasion of Chanel showing their Cruise’24 collection in the city. 

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Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Season 12 guest curator on her selections | 2 min

Andrea Luka Zimmerman is a Jarman Award-winning artist, filmmaker and cultural activist whose multi-layered practice calls for a profound re-imagining of the relationship between people, place and ecology. Andrea is known internationally for filmic explorations of class, precarity and social justice. Here, she talks us through her selections for Season 12 of Now Showing, Lust for Life.

Andrea’s films screen internationally, at festivals such as Berlin, Istanbul, Locarno, Oberhausen and Rotterdam, as well as at Tate Modern, Lincoln Center and on MUBI. Exhibitions include the London Open (Whitechapel Gallery), Spike Island (Bristol) and Spring Sessions (Jordan), as well as numerous screenings globally in activist spaces, community centres and cinemas. Andrea’s work is distributed by LUX, Second Run, Grasshopper Films and Modern Films.

Her latest film, Wayfaring Stranger, received its World Premiere at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam 2024. Her collected films will be released on Blu-ray by Second Run DVD later this year. Andrea grew up on a large council estate and left school at 16.

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The Glutton

By A.K. Blakemore | 12 min

A.K. Blakemore reads from her novel The Glutton, which reimagines the life of Tarrare, an 18th-century peasant notorious for his voracious appetite and colourful, short life. 

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London is the Place for Me

By Gboyega Odubanjo | 1 min

Gboyega Odubanjo is a poet from East London. He is the author of two poetry pamphlets, While I Yet Live (Bad Betty Press, 2019) and Aunty Uncle Poems (The Poetry Business, 2021). For TANK, he reads “London is the Place for Me” from his forthcoming full-length collection Adam

Published: 05/06/2023

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The Mask is the Face

Celine reads Hesse | 3 min

An extract from "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse in the original, delicious German. Disillusioned by traditional teachings, Siddhartha leaves his comfortable life to explore various paths – asceticism, hedonism, and business. He learns from different teachers, including the Buddha, but ultimately finds that true wisdom comes from inner discovery. 

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The Uncensored Reader

Read this | 4 min

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CHANEL Métiers d’art | 1 min

Chanel’s decision to stage its annual Métiers d’Art show in Manchester back in December raised some eyebrows due to the perceived contrast between the polished French fashion house and the assumed grit of the Mancunian metropolis, but upon closer examination, the connective threads become clear. Allegedly it was Gabrielle Chanel’s British beau the Duke of Westminster who introduced her to the city where she would often source cotton and velvet on day trips from Eaton Hall, the Duke’s family estate in nearby Cheshire.

Photography by Brendan Freeman + styling by Cara Cano
All clothes and accessories by CHANEL Métiers d’art
Read the story in TANK.

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Watch these Words

Accesssories and Poetry | 1 min

Photographer and set designer Frank Hülsbömer takes this season's accessories for a walk with some well-chosen verse.

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Alexis Wright

Interview by Claudia Steinberg | 12 min

In this year’s book issue, we are proud to publish a long interview with the Waanyi Nation author Alexis Wright whose 2023 Praiseworthy has garnered a series of long-overdue prizes in the last year. Click here to read.

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Horn of Plenty

Art of the airbrush | 2 min

Go behind the scenes with the photographer Tais Sirote and the set designer Lucy Webster as they rework their magic – mixing the medium of photography and collage with De Beers Forces of Nature.

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Lora Piana: that's knots | 4 min

Loro Piana used to be all about billionaires trying to look anonymous but no longer: the new Into The Wild capsule collection allows them to remain famously unrecognisable while out having an adventure in their luxurious activewear. Nick, Carina, Ella and Mason scale the heights of technical innovation and answer all our burning questions about the great outdoors. 

Check out the story in the brand-new Summer Reader.

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Lichen for Marxists

with Drew Milne | 40 min

Last week, Just Stop Oil dusted Stonehenge with orange powder to protest the UK government's ongoing funding to fossil fuel companies. English Heritage condemned the action as it would damage the rare lichens on the stone, a taking point quickly picked up by the right-wing commentariat, and which JSO refuted by stating the power would "wash off". TANK spoke to Professor Drew Milne, a longterm member of the environmental activist community and an academic whose work focuses on lichens, to paint a broader picture about protest, climate emergency, the Marxist politics of lichens, and the biotariat. 
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Candid Camera

Behind the scenes in Milan | 0 min

We sent photographer Francesco Zinno behind the scenes at Emporio Armani, MSGM, JW Anderson, JordanLuca and Martine Rose, to capture the exhilaration and intimacy of Milan fashion week. 

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What reality? | 8 min

According to co-creative directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the so called “fairytale ravescape”, honoured “youthful optimism” with clothes that were deliberately warped, creased, shrunken and exaggerated, as if swapped and borrowed. Reality was questioned as faux belts, bandannas and collars were printed onto garments. 

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Football crazy | 8 min

This season, Argentina designer Adrian Appiolaza presented his debut collection for Moschino. Referencing the brand’s archive, the designer added his own playful twists to the collection – in football and food motifs – but delivered on snappy tailoring. The collection was an ode to lightness and freedom.

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Primary colours | 13 min

15 years ago, Italian designer Massimo Giorgetti founded MSGM. To celebrate the brand presented an explosive menswear show, whereby primary-coloured paint was splattered against the backdrop as the runway went on. The show referenced an early collection which was painted by an artist after the designer feared it was too safe, underpinning the brand’s legacy of vibrant experimentation.

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F off | 15 min

This year marks Fendi’s 100th anniversary. For Spring/Summer 2025 Silvia Venturini Fendi, who heads up the Roman house’s menswear and accessories collections, dived into the archives. With double-F emblems and a celebratory crest, the collection had a resounding varsity feel to it.

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Between sea and sand | 13 min

For Sabato De Sarno’s second menswear collection for Gucci, the designer took over the Triennale di Milano, an art and design gallery first constructed in the 1930s. Picking up where the Gucci Cruise show left off in London’s Tate Modern, the collection celebrated both urban living and the sun-soaked coast. 

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J W Anderson

Bedtime | 15 min

Jonathan Anderson has risen in leaps and bounds in recent seasons, for his own brand and LOEWE and his latest menswear collection honouring nap time was no exception, featuring quilted duvet coats, larger-than-life bombers and a new collaboration with Guinness. 

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Emporio Armani

Giddy up | 14 min

Mr Armani took his city-dwelling man to the great outdoors for SS25, as projections of lavender fields and galloping horses opened the show. With nods to the equestrian world via heavy boots, voluminous trousers and safari-like fine wool jackets, the collection was one of adventure. 

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The Show is about to Start

Image to image | 6 min

In the moments before the fashion show begins, in this case the JW Anderson SS25, celebrities and influencer attendees pose for photos, in moments of stillness wrested from the event's flow. The imagined images vary only marginally: a little smile, the head tilted this way, now that. Here we watch the subjects compose the images that they will feature in.

Stillness begets composition. John Berger wrote that stillness facilitates timelessness; that paintings were “prophecies of themselves being looked at”. Yet in motion, the activity of the subject complicates things – the movement between image and image anticipates perception but never truly enters perception. This preliminary ritual exposes the blur within the photographed figure between subject and object. These beings are both guests at the feast, and guests of their own creation.

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Palestine: The Long Arc of History

| 30 min

Oxford historian Faisal Devji specialises in studies of Islam, globalisation, violence and ethics. In this episode, Professor Devji considers the place of Palestine in the global context of resistance and struggle, and against wider recent global transformations, arguing that these recent events are likely to have a longer-lasting historical impact than many have so far considered. 

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With Faisal Devji | 10 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. In the light of the recent rebellion by the Wagner group in Russia, he reflects on the trend for and the perils of using contractors and merceneries.

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Civil war

With Faisal Devji | 10 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. Here he discusses civil war as a historical theme, why it has made a return and how we could break out of its destructive cycle. 

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With Faisal Devji | 11 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. Here he sets out how neutrality as a mode of international relations is making a most welcomed return. As the historical moment of a unipolar world order passes and with it the need for international law and institutions becomes self evident, neutrality is once again seen as a highly useful position from which to appeal for peace.

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They all want me | 4 min

TANK is proud to premiere “Boys”, the video for the infectious new single by TAAHLIAH. “Since its conception, I knew it was going to be the introduction into this new world I’ve been creating over the past couple of years,” she said of the track. “It is the song everyone wants an ID on, it is the song everyone wants to know about.” Read our interview with TAAHLIAH here.

Directed by Tom Joyes
Edited by Tom Joyes
Assisted by Lynn Berlin
Makeup by MV Brown

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The collective | 56 min

The Almaty-based DJ and ZHUV founder on bringing the electronic underground to Kazakhstan.

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Petrol-stained seaweed music | 29 min

The Bristol-based innovator discusses worldbuilding and the problem with cybernetics.

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James Massiah

Romancing the stoned | 45 min

Musician and poet James Massiah speaks on nihilism, love and loss.

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Of queen and country | 58 min

Boudica founder Samantha Togni on shaping space within London's dance underground.

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Chanel Beads

See both sides | 39 min

Fronted by Shane Lavers, the New York-based outfit discuss alienation, biography and ways of seeing. 

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Cakes da Killa

It's a cakewalk | 45 min

New York-based rap legend Cakes da Killa on legacy and what stays on tour.

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Astrit Ismaili

Coming up roses | 57 min

The Kosovo-born, Amsterdam-based performance artist discusses his effusive new album The First Flower.

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Post-teen angst | 35 min

The Bristol upstart discusses poker and her dreamy new anthem 'Heaven'.

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Evita Manji

Living and breathing metal | 45 min

The Athens-based composer on cybernetics and spandrels.

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Deep seated urban decay | 57 min

The Norwegian noisenik on bad instruments and soundtracking Mugler shows

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Dog's not dead | 86 min

The pop syncretist on canicide and early synthesisers.

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Kai Campos

New town burnout | 66 min

The Mount Kimbie-member on the capitalist economics of DJ culture.

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