You just know, you know

An interview with Cecile B. Evans | 11 min

Cécile B. Evans is a Belgian-American known for their use of video, installation, sculpture and performance, focusing on the way that emotion in valued in contemporary society – and its rebellion as it comes in contact with ideological, physical and technological structures.
TANK caught them the day after the Miu Miu FW24 fashion show, where they debuted their short film amid a set that included hanging “digital chandeliers”. Cécile talks memory and translation, and reflects on the immediacy of reaction that only a fashion show format allows.
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Books We Read So You Don't Have To

Orientalism by Edward Said | 10 min

Caroline Issa summarises the iconic work of post-colonial theory, Orientalism, a 1978 book by Edward W. Said in which the author establishes the term “Orientalism” – a critical concept to describe the West's commonly contemptuous depiction and portrayal of the East.

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Lust for Life

Season 12 of Now Showing | 1 min

New on our independent film streaming service Now Showing, SEASON 12: LUST FOR LIFE, guest-curated for the first time by the artist and filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman. Click here to stream a riotous season of life-affirming and questioning films – ranging from the decrepit Victorian mansions of 1960s LA to the frenetic railway stations of 1980s Mumbai to the wasted docklands of 1950s London – in hot pursuit of the exhilarating, desperate, poundingly human urge to live, live, live.

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Andrea Luka Zimmerman

Season 12 guest curator on her selections | 2 min

Andrea Luka Zimmerman is a Jarman Award-winning artist, filmmaker and cultural activist whose multi-layered practice calls for a profound re-imagining of the relationship between people, place and ecology. Andrea is known internationally for filmic explorations of class, precarity and social justice. Here, she talks us through her selections for Season 12 of Now Showing, Lust for Life.

Andrea’s films screen internationally, at festivals such as Berlin, Istanbul, Locarno, Oberhausen and Rotterdam, as well as at Tate Modern, Lincoln Center and on MUBI. Exhibitions include the London Open (Whitechapel Gallery), Spike Island (Bristol) and Spring Sessions (Jordan), as well as numerous screenings globally in activist spaces, community centres and cinemas. Andrea’s work is distributed by LUX, Second Run, Grasshopper Films and Modern Films.

Her latest film, Wayfaring Stranger, received its World Premiere at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam 2024. Her collected films will be released on Blu-ray by Second Run DVD later this year. Andrea grew up on a large council estate and left school at 16.

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You Gotta Keep Your Head Straight About Clothes

Dal Chodha's paen to Cheap Chic | 13 min

Part fan letter, part essay, You gotta keep your head straight about clothes is an appreciation of the first consumer guidebook to thrift store shopping, Cheap Chic, published in New York in 1975. Author Dal Chodha celebrates the thrifty consumer it conjures, and examines the book’s more contemporary manifestations, including Trinny and Susannah’s terrible and iconic What Not To Wear.

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Kathryn Scanlan

Fast horses | 5 min

Kathryn Scanlan reads from her slim, sensational book Kick the Latch (Daunt, 2023) – the real-life story of Sonia, a horse-trainer and groom, told to Kathryn in long conversations. As she told TANK in an interview in the winter issue, “It’s a disturbing book but I think it’s also a funny and hopeful book. I wanted the narrative to mimic the energy and exhilaration of a race.” 

Pick up the winter issue today.

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The Glutton

By A.K. Blakemore | 12 min

A.K. Blakemore reads from her novel The Glutton, which reimagines the life of Tarrare, an 18th-century peasant notorious for his voracious appetite and colourful, short life. 

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Immediacy: The Panel

Vincent Bevins, Zara Dinnen, Sita Balani & Hannah Proctor | 46 min

In the early spring, we celebrated our publication of 300+ pages dedicated to Immediacy with an in-depth, wide-ranging conversation in the TANK space. Join the audience to hear our panel of esteemed thinkers – writer Vincent Bevins (If We Burn, 2023; The Jakarta Method, 2020); scholar and writer Zara Dinnen (The Digital Banal: New Media and American Literature and Culture, 2018); scholar and writer Sita Balani (Deadly and Slick, 2023) and academic and writer Hannah Proctor (Burnout: The Emotional Experience of Political Defeat, 2024) – discuss all things immediate, furious, fast and flowing.

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Not Right Now

Benjamin Bratton on immediacy in the art world | 21 min

“Several semesters ago, I taught a studio in our programme at the University of California, San Diego, and gave the students what I thought was a simple, open prompt: to make a project about something other than themselves, their autobiography, or their lived experience. The prompt received more pushback than any I have given.” Benjamin Bratton on subjectivity as format in the contemporary art world.

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Into the ballpit with Gucci

Dive on in | 1 min

With the spring issue of TANK concerned with immersion, fluidity, frictionless and flow, we celebrate Sabato De Sarno’s launch collection for Gucci, Ancora by diving into the ball pit.

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The Immediacy Issue

The brand new Spring issue | 1 min

TANK’s spring issue is dedicated to Immediacy, as defined by Anna Kornbluh, whose new book from Verso Books makes a dazzling diagnosis of our dominant aesthetic mode of urgency, flow, frictionlessness, thinness and instantaneity. In 300+ pages of features, fashion, art, interviews and more we examine the aesthetic paradigm of immediacy and its opposite, mediation: the frictive, difficult process by which we experience active relating.

We’re selling the issue and the book in a discounted bundle for only £25. We urge you to purchase immediately!

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A life beyond the Immediate Form

| 0 min

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In the long grass

Getting hot and dusty with FILA | 1 min

This spring, we roll in the hay with FILA’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Video by Gorka Porres & Lander Ibarretxe, sound design by Jose Plaza, colour grade by Helï Suárez and styling by Fer Sempere.

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Come rain or shine

Sheer and sleek | 1 min

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Prada FW24

| 10 min

Atop the mossy floor first seen in Prada’s menswear show, feathered hats, unbuttoned cardigans and flimsy mid-length skirts communicate a deeply romantic seasonal temperance. An expression of how memory informs and influences the here-and-now, Prada’s FW24 collection was formed of delicately graceful garments paired with bulkier outdoor elements for the wearer looking to return to the wild.

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Marni FW24

Giving troglodyte | 18 min

Creative director Francesco Risso wanted this collection unencumbered by references, inspired only by a Virginia Woolf quote, “If by chance you enter a paper cave, bring no clothes”. The white-walled caves under Milan’s Stazione Centrale hosted a collection of carefully oversized shaping, from lapel-laden coats and power-shouldered sweaters, to riotous cheetah print and long-furred ensembles.

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Gucci FW24

Red dead redemption | 12 min

Shimmering sequin and luxurious, almost liquid leather made Gucci’s a deeply sensuous show. Creative director Sabato de Sarno looked to dream, reality and the gap between, for a collection featuring oversized embellished coats, sheer tops and velvety dresses atop tall boots in black or oxblood red.

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Versace FW24

Mob wife avant la lettre | 17 min

Male and female models glide over a black shag carpet in clothes that cohere to the codes of contemporary formal tailoring but disrupted with cut, drape, and embellishment: a collection with a “rebel attitude and a kind heart”, according to Donatella Versace. 

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Etro Act FW24

Does my head look big in this | 10 min

Marco De Vincenzo sent his models down the runway flanked by giant, fallen statues, and wearing clothes that gestured to ancien régimes: a “Homeric journey” that sought to link the present to the deep past, from gold and black patterning like that on Greek jugs to asymmetrical dresses draped like togas.

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South Africa’s case at the ICJ

Genocidal acts committed against the Palestinian people | 11 min

At the end of 2023, South Africa made an application to the International Court of Justice charging Israel with genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The following series of twelve videos constitutes an abridged version of the 84-page application, read by major artists and produced by the Palestine Festival of Literature. Click through to watch.

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1. Causing serious bodily and mental harm

Lena Headey, Khalid Abdalla, Steve Coogan & Natalie Diaz | 6 min

The substance of the application is drawn from a range of sources within and without of Gaza, including UN officials, journalists and eye witnesses. This introductory section focuses on the nature of the injuries inflicted on the Palestinian people in Gaza. Read by Lena Headey, Khalid Abdalla, Steve Coogan & Natalie Diaz.

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2. Mass expulsion and displacement

Susan Sarandon, Adam Bakri, Sepideh Moafi, Wallace Shawn & Maxine Peake | 4 min

According to reports, 1.9 million Palestinians in Gaza – more than 80% of the population, many of whom were already refugees – have been internally displaced since October 7. Over 250,000 housing units have been damaged and more than 50,000 units destroyed. Paragraphs 56-60 are read by Susan Sarandon, Adam Bakri, Sepideh Moafi, Wallace Shawn & Maxine Peake.

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3. Deprivation of access to food

Cynthia Nixon, Tobias Menzies, Morgan Spector, Alia Shawkat, Harriet Walter & Khalid Abdalla | 4 min

Famine in Gaza is “inevitable”, according to UN officials, with deprivation of food used as a “weapon of war”. Read by Cynthia Nixon, Tobias Menzies, Morgan Spector, Alia Shawkat, Harriet Walter and Khalid Abdalla.

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4. Deprivation of access to water

Peter Mullan, Sepideh Moafi, Maisie Richardson Sellers & Kathleen Chalfant | 5 min

After Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip in June 1967, the Israeli military authorities consolidated complete power over all water resources and water-related infrastructure. Since October 2023, Israel has cut off the water supply to Gaza, exacerbating deteriorating living conditions that have led to widespread disease and death. Read by Peter Mullan, Sepideh Moafi, Maisie Richardson Sellers and Kathleen Chalfant.

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5. Deprivation of access to shelter, clothes, hygiene & sanitation

Charles Dance, Maisie Richardson-Sellers & Maxine Peake | 4 min

Throughout Gaza, there are acute shortages in, warm clothes, bedding, blankets and critical non-food items; acute shortages of water; soaring rates of infectious disease. “Everywhere you go, people are desperate, hungry and terrified.” Read by Charles Dance, Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Maxine Peake.

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6. Deprivation of medical assistance

Carice van Houten, Indya Moore & Inua Ellams | 5 min

Since October 2023, Israeli attacks on hospitals and healthcare workers across the Gaza Strip have led to the collapse of the entire healthcare system. Read by Carice van Houten, Indya Moore and Inua Ellams.

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7. Deprivation of medical assistance (ii)

Kendrick Sampson, Sepideh Moafi, Paapa Essiedu, Simon McBurney & Dario Ladani Sanchez | 6 min

Israel has transformed Palestinian hospitals in Gaza from places of healing into “death zones.” Read by Kendrick Sampson, Sepideh Moafi, Paapa Essiedu, Simon McBurney and Dario Ladani Sanchez.

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8. Destruction of Palestinian life in Gaza

Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Aida el-Kashef & Paapa Essiedu | 5 min

The destruction of housing units, hospitals, schools, mosques, bakeries, water pipes, sewage and electricity networks threatens to make the continuation of Palestinian life in Gaza impossible. Read by Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Aida el-Kashef and Paapa Essiedu.

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9. Destruction of Cultural, Intellectual and Religious Life and History

Liam Cunningham, Carice van Houten & Khalid Abdalla | 4 min

Israel has damaged or destroyed countless bookshops, publishing houses, libraries & hundreds of educational facilities. It has targeted every one of Gaza's four universities and has damaged or destroyed an estimated 318 Muslim and Christian religious sites so far. Read by Liam Cunningham, Carice van Houten & Khalid Abdalla.

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10. Measures imposed to prevent births

Susan Sarandon, Cynthia Nixon, Sepideh Moafi, Maxine Peake & Aida El-Kashef | 4 min

“Doctors are being compelled to perform ordinarily unnecessary hysterectomies on young women in an attempt to save their lives.” Read by Susan Sarandon, Cynthia Nixon, Sepideh Moafi, Maxine Peake & Aida El-Kashef.

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11. Genocidal Statements by Israeli Officials

South Africa’s case at the ICJ | 3 min

The final chapter of the series of videos taken from South Africa’s dossier charging Israel with genocide at the ICJ concerns statements from Israeli officials which are genocidal in intent. On January 26 2024, the OCJ made an interim ruling calling on Israel to take all measures necessary to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza. Since the ruling, Israel has continued its bombardment of Gaza and has killed three people inside a hospital in the West Bank. This series, the details of South Africa’s case and Israel’s ongoing aggression speak to the need for a continued and sustained uprising in support of the rights of Palestinians everywhere to live in freedom, safety and dignity. 

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Letter from Gaza

John Berger reads Kanafani | 18 min

"Letter from Gaza" is a short film directed by Perry Ogden, in which renowned art critic John Berger reads Ghassan Kanafani's powerful short story of the same name. The film was produced for the inaugural Palestine Festival of Literature in 2008. Kanafani's story, written in 1955, is an account of life under Israeli occupation in Gaza, told in the form of a letter from a young Palestinian man to his fiancée, who has left Gaza for a life in exile. 

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Palestine: The Long Arc of History

| 30 min

Oxford historian Faisal Devji specialises in studies of Islam, globalisation, violence and ethics. In this episode, Professor Devji considers the place of Palestine in the global context of resistance and struggle, and against wider recent global transformations, arguing that these recent events are likely to have a longer-lasting historical impact than many have so far considered. 

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With Faisal Devji | 10 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. In the light of the recent rebellion by the Wagner group in Russia, he reflects on the trend for and the perils of using contractors and merceneries.

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Civil war

With Faisal Devji | 10 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. Here he discusses civil war as a historical theme, why it has made a return and how we could break out of its destructive cycle. 

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With Faisal Devji | 11 min

Faisal Devji is a historian and professor at the University of Oxford, specialising in the political thought and contemporary history of the Indian subcontinent and the Muslim world. Here he sets out how neutrality as a mode of international relations is making a most welcomed return. As the historical moment of a unipolar world order passes and with it the need for international law and institutions becomes self evident, neutrality is once again seen as a highly useful position from which to appeal for peace.

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Astrit Ismaili

Coming up roses | 57 min

The Kosovo-born, Amsterdam-based performance artist discusses his effusive new album The First Flower.

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Post-teen angst | 35 min

The Bristol upstart discusses poker and her dreamy new anthem 'Heaven'.

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Evita Manji

Living and breathing metal | 45 min

The Athens-based composer on cybernetics and spandrels.

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Deep seated urban decay | 57 min

The Norwegian noisenik on bad instruments and soundtracking Mugler shows

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Dog's not dead | 86 min

The pop syncretist on canicide and early synthesisers.

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Kai Campos

New town burnout | 66 min

The Mount Kimbie-member on the capitalist economics of DJ culture.

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