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Josh Bitelli

LimescaleTea // 24 April - 15 May 

Open: Mon-Fri / 10AM - 6PM

Private View: 24 April, 6-9PM presents LimescaleTea, a new video installation by London-based Josh Bitelli. The work continues a deadpan negotiation of labour albeit shrouded in its absence. Three screens are projected with unsettlingly still images alongside an omnipresent, cinematic score. While the bodies implicit in these images speak to personal agency and capacity, fragmentation and subsumption are pending. The soundtrack is lifted, real-time from the realm of commercial broadcasting, presenting a total imbrication of voices and channels while overtly and covertly imparting off-the-shelf emotions and dreams, cars, life-insurance. All under the same blanket and all in the same language. 

Josh Bitelli (born 1989, Leeds) lives and works in London and has contributed to exhibitions and events at Satellité of Love, Rosanna Pyol’s bedroom, Castlefield Gallery, A Palazzo Gallery, Centre d’art Contemporain, Marrakech Biennale, LUMA Westbau, British Ceramics Biennial, DepotBasel, Gallery FUMI, Serpentine Galleries, Palazzo Grassi etc.

Curated by Jack O'Brien