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The Architect's Plan, His Contagion and Sensitive Corridors

Dora Budor comes to directly from Paris, where her most recent show, "The Architect's Plan, His Contagion and Sensitive Corridors" opened at New Galerie on 17 January (until 28 February 2015). 


This show, built around sculptural and architectural interventions, repurposes cinema props once they have had their on-screen moment. These objects of the 'just-past' (with apologies to Walter Benjamin) are reanimated in their new terrain. Their histories are acknowledged, and their present is entirely recontextualised. These are hybridisations, at once ugly and out-of-context, but also highly crafted compounds and unqiue sculptural objects. These are objects of fantasy brought into the real, and that inadvertantly become the starting point for 'Exhibition, No.2.'


(all images courtesy New Galerie and Aurelien Mole)