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Going Around in Circles: Exhibition Text (No.2)


We are delighted to announce that Dora Budor will be working in residence at, in a continuation of our artist-in-residence programme, 'Exhibition'.


For, Budor will present a series of works, fragments of her overall working process, in order to document a methodology, culminating in a final exhibition online and public presentation at the exhibition space in London's West End. Picking up where Andrew Norman Wilson left off, Budor will use the exhibition space to create an exhibition-in-progress, in gallery and online.


The nature of 'Exhibition' is cyclical. It is a malleable process in which Budor's devices are exposed (where appropriate) and made public. Likewise, our own exhibitive tendencies and curatorial strategies will be on display. We firmly believe that there is strong potential in being able to be shaped by the interactions that we have with our audiences, both in our exhibition space and online.


'Exhibition, No.2' should help to open up and lead to an understanding of the concepts of process, display, and interpretation, and how they relate to one another – mediated through as exhibitors and Budor as an artist.


We start with nothing, and we end up with the documented fragments of an exhibition, and somewhere along the line an artwork begins to take shape. We'll watch, learn, and ask questions, and invite you to do the same. We'll look at the reverence that the gallery space holds, the nature of publishing multimedia content online, and how artists, curators, programmers, and audiences collaborate on an exhibition.


This short piece of writing outlines the context of the show, presents what we'd like to get out of it, and what you might be able to get out of it. And so it starts, like any good show: with an Exhibition Text.