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Dora Budor

Born 1984 in Zagreb, Croatia, Dora Budor explores questions of technesis, reanimation and the porous body. These are concerns she articulates through sculptures and architectural interventions, often built around on-screen cinema props. These range from the fantastical (as in the silicone frogs used in the final scene of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, 1999) to the socially charged, as in mass-manufactured anonymous scars.


Approached as acts of reanimation, her sculptural forms attempt to repurpose objects, which, after a few seconds of on-screen time, lose their function and ability to signify, essentially becoming industrial detritus. Representations of violence, in particular, have become important terrain, as many of these ‘non-signature props’ (fabricated by anonymous special effects artists) are designed to emulate the broken and old, or stand-in as remnants for physical and/or historical traumas.


Specifically, The Architect’s Plan utilizes three-dimensional silicone scars from the movie 300: Rise of The Empire (Murro, 2015), broken prosthetics from Bruce Willis’ cyborg character in Surrogates (Mostow, 2009) and melted fingers from Kristanna Loken’s female terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines (Mostow 2003)—all obtained through various online auction sites specializing in sourcing movie memorabilia.


Acknowledging their fictional histories, but radically re-contextualized in a second life, these film remnants become hybrids that merge the mass-produced with the custom made, the technological with the organic. Space becomes a key concern here, as new conduits are explored between spectator and object, fantasy and perception, public display and private consumption.


Budor has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe. Recent solo exhibitions include Action Paintings, with 247365 Brooklyn, Flat Neighbors, curated by Ajay Kurian at Rachel Uffner, NYC. Forthcoming exhibitions include Morphing Overnight at Seventeen, London and "DIDING – An Interior That Remains an Exterior?" at Künstlerhaus (Halle für Kunst & Medien) (KM–) in Vienna, Austria.