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Adham Faramawy & Terry Ryu Kim

Slimeface Emoji! // 5 June – 19 June 
Open: Mon-­‐Fri // 10AM -­‐ 6PM

Private View: 5th June 6-­‐9pm presents Slimeface Emoji! A facial recognition program by London based Adham Faramawy and Berlin based Terry Ryu Kim. Exploring the notion that the conditions of image production and mediation are subtly shifting, moving away from indexical representation, and that photographic images are no longer solely the product of the registration of light. 

Faramawy and Kim, with programmer Seheon Oh (Seoul), have collaborated on creating an animated interface that through usage and play attempts to describe and address ideas stemming from the conception of computer vision. The devices we use to register photographic images have the capacity to manipulate and repurpose those images. At what point do the desires and prejudices of the programmer become visible in the product? 

Adham Faramawy (b. 1981, Dubai) lives and works in London. He is a graduate of both the Slade School and the Royal Academy Schools of Fine Art. Recent exhibitions and screenings include Feels Real, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam and Hydra, Cell Projects, London, Pre-­‐Pop to Post Human: Collage in the digital age, Hayward Touring and 21st Century Pop at the ICA, London and touring. Adham recently launched his first app Hi! I’m happy you’re here! Available from the App Store and Google Play, and his first perfume Hyperreal Flower Blossom, developed with the Fiorucci Art Trust, is available through 

Terry Ryu Kim (b.1985, Seoul) lives and works in Berlin. She is a graduate of Seoul National University and the Slade School of Fine Art. Recent exhibitions include Here, Here and Sometimes There (Co-­‐curator), Display Gallery, Demimonde, Amberwood House, Points of Contact, No Format Gallery, Crystallize-­‐ New Media Art Lab Korea & UK, Old Billingsgate Building, Catlin Art Prize, LondonNewcastle Space, all London, Samkuk G-­‐ Painting, The Midland of Expression part II, Sunshine International Museum, Beijing and Cho Cho, Duk Won Gallery, Seoul, Korea. 

Curated by and Jack O’Brien is generously supported by Arts Council England