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A Decade Under the Influence

We’re halfway through our tenth year – and we’re just as excited about the next batch of programming as we were with the first. From September 2014, we’ll launch a new monthly series of online artists’ projects; a new series of guest curated exhibitions at our Great Portland Street gallery; and introduce a new six-month online and in-gallery residency.


But we wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for all the work done in the past decade. Before we go ahead and look forward to the next decade, it would be remiss to not look back and celebrate the artists who have had come this far.


‘A Decade Under the Influence’ is’s final curated programme of artists’ film and video for the time being, and it celebrates some of the incredible work that we’ve had the pleasure to show, and a few of the artists that we’ve had the extreme pleasure to work with. The films are some of the most important to, whether because they were some of our most popular; because they came at the right moment in time; because they showcase an artist at the moment their name became better known; or whether because they indicated towards a mode of practice – a style of filmmaking – that was breaking new territory (because we all know how much film and video technology has evolved since 2004).


Which is why are delighted to be showing ‘Kempinski’ (2007), Neïl Beloufa; ‘Perfect Film’ (1986), Ken Jacobs; Dirty Pictures (Hotel Diaries) (2007); ‘BYOB London’ (2011), Lucky PDF; ‘Tijuana’ (2009), Jean-Charles Hue; ’21.04.02’ (2002); Jean-Gabriel Periot; ‘Old Dark House’ (2003), Ben Rivers; ‘Kiss’ (2010), Melanie Manchot; and ‘Movement in a minor Familiar (Schubert Tape)’ (2010), Holly Antrum.


We hope you enjoy these films as much as we have, and will continue to.