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me repeating your name in my head over and over again outloud

The works in this exhibition demonstrate various practices, and suggestion of identities, performed via the presentation of affect, which is often employed as simply a mode of communication across platforms.

What does language mean to us now, when it is proliferated and subverted in continually reconstituted forms. In this exhibition there is a compaction and corruption of text and image, or the ‘Image-Object’, providing use-value for loneliness, shared subjectivities: a commons of identity as spectacle of syntax.

The “commodity-thing steps into the background. The experience of commodities becomes more and more immaterial and biopolitical [. . .] This has become the primary image of commodity: an affect, a lifestyle, sometimes a subcultural one. [. . .] it incorporates the experience of how capitalist consumption occupies norm and deviation at the same time”. (Katja Diefenbach)

Our affect is a biopolitical commodity. A packaged embodiment, preserved emotion, mediated and essentialised through its (re)presentation. This exhibition looks at what our language, what our calling out mode becomes, when affectivity is rendered this way.

Artworks curated by Rózsa Zita Farkas of Arcadia Missa