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Fragments documenting a process of thought

These documents posted online are fragments documenting a process of thought.  This is key to the concept of Exhibition.

When you're working in a gallery space with an artist that specialises in moving image, series' of fragments and ideas have to be specifically identified and it is these items that form the basis for an object-based interpretation.

Exhibition, No.1, with Andrew Norman Wilson, culminates on 05 December with a 'performance-lecture' at the exhibition and event space titled Gross World Product.  In the words of the artist himself, the presentation will 'weave together several recent works into a lecture that engages with matter, matters of concern, and things excluded from mattering (in an effort to make them matter).'

For the purposes of Exhibition, No.1, the 'matter' that we are dealing with – that we are working towards and that will be subject to the most direct form of engagement – is this final performance.  The excerpts that are being presented on, along with the one-to-one interviews with Andrew Norman Wilson and these small exhibition notes, are works-in-progress for an exhibition-in-progress.

Gross World Product will be the public display of Exhibition, No.1.  And these are little letters, from the artist, via, to you.

I spoke to Andrew Norman Wilson for the video interview that follows this text.  Here, I ask him to follow up on the concept of the 'microcinema' as a structure for work and for display, and whether we can come to a new understanding of what 'performance' means within a multimedia practice.