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'Exhibition' Text

Opening the exhibition and event space didn’t just happen because we had the opportunity.  Of course, to launch London’s only art space dedicated to film and video (currently) was a hugely tempting possibility, but it could only be done if we knew that we could do it with the right amount of thought, preparation and a series of curatorial strategies that were both sufficiently interrogative and that supported what, ultimately and fundamentally, is: an exhibitor of curated online programmes.  So, in one aspect, the space is a physical location where we can test the work that we do with artists.

'Exhibition' is an experiment, because there will only be a curated show of moving image once it has finished.  Starting today, and for two weeks, Andrew Norman Wilson will be working on-site from the exhibition and event space on Great Portland Street.  It will be open for visitors, and the aim is to provide a highlighted and intense focus on an artist and their practice in their first solo London show.  The only obligation of the artist will be to host a one-off evening event where they present their work and engage in a dialogue with a live audience.

Over the coming fortnight, will be working with Andrew Norman Wilson to create a show of moving image works.  Later today, day one, we will be uploading a talk with Andrew, and we’ll continue to record and share his thoughts on the process throughout 'Exhibition' online on, as well as screening his films and performances.

When we talk to Andrew later today we’ll do so with a large amount of curiosity.  We’re curious to know about his processes, and about what kind of relationship he has with his audience, as a sometime performance artist (not that he would describe it that way).  'Exhibition' is malleable process in which our devices and the artist’s devices are exposed, made public, and has strong potential to be shaped by the interactions that will inevitably occur by being in a public space. 

The cinema and the gallery are funny spaces: they project strange reverence for themselves and this is a reverence that is strictly upheld by a kind of cultural consciousness.  Our cinema, our gallery, the exhibition and event space isn’t like that.  Since its conception, we’ve always wanted it to be a friendly place in town where people can sit down, watch some films and have a chat.  We want to deconstruct the monuments that sanctify art in order to understand them better.  'Exhibition', No.1 by Andrew Norman Wilson is the first in a series of four shows in which we’ll work with a moving image artist to understand the concepts of process, display and interpretation, and how they each relate to one another.  So, all in all, here are the beginnings of an 'Exhibition'.