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LuckyPDF have been working from Peckham since 2008, producing exhibitions, projects and events that invite artists to engage in new spaces, media and working practices.

LuckyPDF TV is a project that can showcase video and performance art in a way that is both familiar and unfamiliar to an audience. Following and breaking the conventions of television while experimenting with the still evolving space of internet broadcast, LuckyPDF's DIY TV studios simultaneously produce, document and display work.

Previous LuckyPDF TV broadcasts have taken place in Manchester, Nottingham and London. This latest programme was produced as part of BYOB London at The Woodmill.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) is an ongoing series of events, originally concieved by Rafaël Rozendaal and initiated by Rafaël Rozendaal and Anne de Vries. BYOB London was curated by KERNEL with artists coming from across Europe and contributing from across the world, united by the aesthetics, trends and social networks of the internet.

We talk to the artists and organisers about their work, the spread of BYOB as a global trend and meeting people for the first time in real life.

Presented by Ben Vickers & Nicky Carvell

Featuring work and contributions from Rafaël Rozandall, Anne de Vries, Harry Sanderson, Martin Cole, Luke Barcelona Cano, George Tsioutsias, Amalia Ulman, Iain Ball, Emily Jones, Andrej Ujhazy, L_A_N, Sascha Pohflepp, Katja Novitskova, No New Info, Daniel Swan, Matthew Stone, Angelo Plessas, Hyo Myoung Kim, Tim Steer, Fran Edgerley, Jimmy Merris, Paul B Davis, Jeremy Bailey, Theo Michael and KERNEL.

Titles Chris King and Lucy Stockton.

Camera Alex Ressel and Richard Canham.

Sound Taki Shiomitsu.

Autocue Holly Smith.

Sets Oliver Hogan and Hayden Anyasi.

Live Mix Yuri Pattison.

Guest Director James Early.

Produced by LuckyPDF for