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Child of the Atom, and other films

David Blandy's latest film explores the proposition that the artist's grandfather, a Japanese prisoner of war, would not have survived the conflict were it not for the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. A quiet, mediative piece upon the backdrop of a foreign culture, the film shows Blandy taking his infant daughter through modern Hiroshima, narrated by her future self, on a journey to explore a city and a family entirely alien to irreducibly affected by one of the most horrific events in human history.

Supporting Child of the Atom, David Blandy has selected a series of excerpts from films that influenced not only the making of the film but that have provided direction in coming to this point of his career. These films, including classics such as Tokyo Story and Hiroshima Mon Amour, are set in juxtaposition with the anime that has helped to develop the artist's singular and distinctive style and which provides an insight into the creation of the new film.

Featuring the voice of Rachel Piper and camerawork by Claire Barrett, Child of the Atom could not have been made without the generous support of Arts Council England and Daiwa Foundation.

David Blandy is represented by Seventeen Gallery, London.